How to approach people with whom you want to connect

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This was a coaching session with Sandi Eveleth, on ‘the Wednesday’ before the interviews Thursday/Friday. It was very different to the other sessions, coaching, not listening. But great to connect with Sandi. As you can see, she is wonderful.

How to make over 100K a year on

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Transcendence – The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity

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I recently had the good fortune to interview these chaps about their latest book: Transcendence – click here to buy from Amazon And enjoy this tour of a sample of topics covered, from A-Z… Downloadable PDF Martin: Hello everybody. We got these chaps. We have R. U Sirius. You’re

Chris Milk Quotes

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Zoltan Istvan Quotes

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What is your ‘flow state’? And how to get more of it!

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Introduction: You may well have heard of ‘flow states’, but may not be sure if you’ve experienced them. So what are they all about? Let’s kick off with a quick video from Jason Silva: Next, let’s run through some more geeky stuff with top coach Joseph Scott from The

How HTC taps into spiritual values in ‘One’ advert

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I’ve been watching Android TV, watching YouTube videos, and saw this pre-roll ad. As you will see, this is very much HTC building their brand around a spiritual concept that the world is connecting… This concept relates very much to Monism, and is routed in much new age thinking

What is Influence in Social Media Marketing?

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  Influence relates closely to marketing as marketing is our way of influencing someone’s behaviours. People perceive something, and they respond. * Social Media Marketing’s ‘job’ is to: understand the perception-response mechanism, and to influence the perception part. It is an attempt to move the mind in the direction

How Virtual Reality Can Create the Ultimate Empathy Machine?

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From Martin: This is an awesome TED talk. But it was Chris Milk’s well crafted line here that hit me, “It’s a machine but inside of it, it feels like real life. It feels like truth.” This idea of ‘truth’. It ties back to the conversation I had with Transhumanist

What is Transhumanism?

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Martin: Hi, I’m Martin Shervington, I’m super excited to be here and joined by Zoltan Istvan who is running for President of the USA this year for the Transhumanist Party. We connected on Google+, Peter Felton is here as well. This is a wonderful opportunity to firstly welcome Zoltan

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