Is this a simulation?

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Is this a simulation?

Is this a simulation-

Have you noticed how many movies in the past 20 years, have a theme of the nature of reality ‘not being what we think it is’?

Here is a great overview on the subject:

Our culture seems deeply suspicious as to the nature of reality.
Here is a quick list:
The Matrix
13th Floor
Vanilla Sky
The Adjustment Bureau
Truman Show
Dark City
And there are many more.

So, what is this all about? Could reality be rather different to the usual assumptions upon which we operate? This video quickly explores the idea that we may be living in a simulation.

Neil Degrasse Tyson: Are you saying that your attempt to understand the fundamental operations of nature leads you to a set of equations that are indistinguishable from the equations that drive search engines and browsers on our computers that is correct?

So you’re saying, as you dig deeper, you find computer code writ in the fabric of the cosmos.

Prof James Gates: Into the equations that we want to use to describe the cosmos, yes.

Neil Degrasse Tyson: The argument is called the simulation argument, and he argues that we are all very likely not living in a real universe, but living in a simulated universe, and we are being simulated on the hard drives of computers of the future.

Neil Tyson

Dr Nick Bostrum: And an advanced civilization would have enough computing power, that even if it they built it on a tiny fraction of 1% of that computing power, for just one second, in the course of its maybe 1,000 years long existence. That would be enough to create billions and billions of ancestor simulations.

Prof James Gates: In the last 5 or so years, I’ve been able to show that hidden inside of these equations, there are computer codes. They’re the kind of computer codes that make browsers work. And so if the equations that describe our reality have computer codes hidden in them, that’s just kind of weird.

They’ll run simulations of the past in simulations, use sims games, and then there’s just one short move, that simulated universes, almost by definition, will outnumber real universes. And therefore we are a lot more likely to be among the simulated ancestors, than the real ancestors

Prof David Deutsch: In the distant future, simulating physical systems with very high accuracy, so that they look perfectly real to the user of the virtual reality, will become commonplace and trivial.

Prof David Deutsch

If you could see the body as it really is, you’d see that 99.9999% of it is mostly empty space, and the 0.0001% of it which you see as matter, is also empty space. The matter is just an illusion, an artifact of our perceptual experiences.

It’s as if reality is so connected that when you look at one small part, you can see things about other parts, the entire whole is contained in the part, and in a sense, you can divide reality up. Because we’re cutting up a hologram, we can’t find where one particle is, because it’s always a reflection of all particles.

Dr. Thomas Campbell: The concept of virtual reality, is this, our reality’s being a virtual, informational, digital reality, that that’s better science, it’s better physics, it answers more of the questions. So it’s working. There’s people who are saying there’s not better physics, that it does explain more of reality.

Thomas Campbell

Inside the simulation, you can’t tell any difference between the simulated environment, the virtual reality, and the real environment. In fact, this environment we now find ourselves in, could be just a simulation.

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There you go, Plus Your Life readers. A little weird and wacky to some, but, well, you never know…

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